Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Spectra Music Group Unveils New Division - Beacon Audio Books

The Spectra Music Group is opening doors on a new division, Beacon Audio Books, which specializes in the narration, marketing, and distribution of audio books from all genres worldwide.

The Spectra Music Group is opening doors on it's newest division, Beacon Audio Books, which has an incredibly new and unique approach to the audio book industry. Beacon Audio Books offers narration (with over 1000 veteran celebrity actors/musicians/reality stars already signed on to do voices), marketing and distribution of all genres of audio books worldwide.

With over 500 book titles already on their slate of projects, Beacon Audio Books is taking the industry by storm.

Upcoming projects to be released soon include "Full Metal Jacket Diary" based on the behind the scenes activity on the set of the Academy Award Winning Film "Full Metal Jacket" narrated by the star of the film, Golden Globe and Emmy Nominee Matthew Modine, who played Private Joker in the movie.

Other projects include "12 Years A Slave",  a "Collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe", and "The 12 Seals" (A Navy Human Trafficking Story).

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