Monday, March 10, 2014

Deborah Bonham Releases New Album "Spirit."

Deborah Bonham releases new album "Spirit" on Tuesday March 11, 2014.The crafty, stylish and incomparable artist and little sister of John Bonham of Led Zeppelin fame is set out on a course all of her own. Deborah is no stranger to the industry and her new album "Spirit" is one album that will stand apart from anything else.The spirit in the songs and music of Deborah Bonham draws on the hurt, pain, joy and anger that come with life for all of us. Negatives are decanted as positivity, from mistakes comes learning. From that spirit comes the determination to always push forward and celebrate life, sharing experiences with her audience. As she sings in the opening salvo from the album: “Pain is going away, it's gonna stop today. I'm gonna fly”.

So there could be only one title for the new album: but Deborah also has soul. It's the soul that comes from her deep love and understanding of so many musical greats - Otis Redding, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Elkie Brooks, Lowell George and many more - all of whom are artists who surrounded themselves with great musicians who had that same 'feel' and so it is with Deborah's band. It's also their instinctive affinity with the words being sung and how they absorb her emotions; sometimes soft, sometimes fierce.

The last two years has seen Deborah performing in the UK, Europe & USA alongside and dueting with Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant and Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty . She also performed alongside Ozzy Osbourne in the Czech Republic, where she returned for more shows and also appeared at the massive Harley Davidson festivals in France and Austria (100,000 people). During her career she has toured and performed with Van Halen, Alannah Myles, Tim Rose, Uli Jon Roth, Paul Weller, Humble Pie, Donovan, Lonnie Donegan, Jools Holland, Ann Peebles, Foreigner and FM. She’s played festivals from Glastonbury to Donnington, Harley Davidson to Ripfest, twice at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival, and opened for Bad Co’s 40th Anniversary shows in Illinois USA.

Deborah Bonham has recently released her catalog of albums to digital outlets around the world. Loyal Bonham fans that have been itching for her previous albums can now go to iTunes, Amazon and more to pick them up. The albums include "For You and The Moon," "Duchess," and "The Old Hyde."

A supporting tour is already in the works for the UK as well as the USA.

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New Single by Allan Rose "Alien" Available March 11, 2014.

The new single by British singer Allan Rose is finally available for purchase Tuesday March 11, 2014. The singer had several singles that hit the market earlier in 2013 such as "Be Mine" and "Nobody" which were all very well received. The latest work entitled "Alien" is a cleverly crafted and catchy tune as it really shows how versatile this artist is in making a strong impact to commercial radio in not just the USA but around the world.

A new video is also available and is currently being serviced to music video outlets on television. Check out the link below to see the latest single "Alien."

Pick up the single Tuesday March 11 as it becomes available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

R&B Phenom Chris Starr to Release New Single "Your Show" Tuesday March 11th, 2014

Up and coming R&B Super Talent Chris Starr, whose music can be described as “feel-good with reality lyrics”, is re-capturing the missing elements of today’s music, lost in the shuffle of the “Bling Blangers.

Chris’ musical appreciations began to slowly and methodically coalesce around the R&B genre while in his early teens, as he so eloquently explains, “while tuning up the car radio in my early days, up would pop Marvin Gaye, and You could feel Marvin Gaye’s pain, but his singing would ensure you would get through the adversity. It was like your own father talking to you!” In addition to Marvin Gaye, Chris lists Prince and the Debarge siblings as his musical influences.

You can hear some of the similarities in Chris’s vocal structure, “the acquiescing of smooth falsetto tones”, “the vocal stamina”, “the natural strength and command of his voice range”, while “facilitating the delivery of emotion in his own unique and subtle style”. Listening to his voice you’ll quickly realize that each note synchronized becomes the melody, and then each melody, becomes his and his alone. You can hear the joy AND the pain in each note.

Chris mentions “The multitude of diverse Production experiences helped me zero in on the concept and perception of individuality” and “the move to Atlanta submerged me into a melting pot of musical varieties and styles that without a doubt, I would not have been exposed to in Indiana” And “The transition to L.A. has been a phenomenal experience the opportunity to be mentored by the living Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg and the many other hip hop artists and R&B performers and producers like Big Daddy Kane, Kurupt, Akon, Macy Gray, Mike Epps, Terrace Martin, DJ Battlecat and many others”.

Working with such legends has radio promoters and industry veterans anticipating great things for Chris Starr, and there is a whirlwind of excitement and buzz about his first single "Your Show" off the soon to be released full length album available this summer from The Spectra Music Group.

"Your Show" will be available on iTunes(and worldwide digitally) on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014. Make sure to request it on your favorite radio station.

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