Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spectra Music Group recording artist We The Ghost hits Billboard Hot Singles Chart at #4 with "Let Me Know".

We The Ghost is a pop band on the rise. Only two years old, the project has already grown by leaps and bounds, garnering more and more acclaim along the way. One trait that characterizes the band, making them both unique and modern, is their interest in genre fusion. By incorporating sounds, styles and instrumentation from across the musical spectrum, We The Ghost craft memorable pop songs that stand apart from the crowd. Songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and synthesizer player Beau Tyler rejects the mindset of “real music” being strictly defined by one particular genre, and embraces the “very eclectic time for music” in which we live.

Coming off a TV appearance on ABC KTUL television in Tulsa, Oklahoma, We The Ghost are now part of the #OneOfAKindSound project by Dr Pepper who is standing up for music that stands out!

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We The Ghost just rocked the Axis Entertainment Stage for the 2015 Rocklahoma Music Festival(with Godsmack, Linkin Park, Tesla, Queensryche, Scott Weiland, Papa Roach, etc.) and the release of their new music video for "Let Me Know" receiving over 26,000 plays in one week.

Check out the "Let Me Know" video here:

We The Ghost are super excited about their Spectra Music Group debut single "Let Me Know" hitting the Billboard Hot Singles Chart at #4 and really appreciate all the support they are receiving from fans and radio stations around the world.

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