Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shayne Leighton Joins How To Be A Redhead's "Rock It Like A Redhead" National Tour

Since 2011, sisters, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti have been the faces of revolution behind redhead empowerment and beauty. Cofounders of How to be a Redhead, their mission is simple: How to be a Redhead® is empowering every redheaded woman to feel confident, to look amazing and to rock their beauty. Red hair is more than a color. It’s a lifestyle! Since the launch of their organization, the Vendetti sisters have garnered national attention, having been featured on The Today Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Huffington Post, a recent page spread in November’s Issue of Shape Magazine.. and many more.

In 2012, they were even named Brand Ambassadors for L’Oreal Paris! In 2015, the sisters will take their successful online brand on tour to core cities across the United States.They are calling this tour Rock It Like A Redhead, and now, they’re partnering with one rockin’ redhead who’s poised to turn some (red)heads!

Shayne Leighton is a new glam rock artist on the scene, recently having been signed to The Spectra Music Group, the largest indie record label in the world. The natural redhead is an accomplished actress, bestselling fantasy author, and has major plans to take the rock and roll world by storm too, having just released her debut single Invincible in August, 2014. Like the Vendetti sisters, Shayne’s message is also an empowering one. In early October 2014, Shayne also released a collaborative, antibullying music project called Remember, which features vocal powerhouses such as Wendy Moten, Kris Thomas, Karina Iglesias, Sarah Simmons, and even Quinton Aaron, star of The Blind Side.

Shayne Leighton and the Vendetti sisters are now officially teaming up for the 2015, Rock It Like A Redhead national tour. And just in time for the release of Shayne’s debut rock EP, which will be released on the Spectra Music Group label. Shayne will appear on all stops of the tour, including Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City! Shayne, as well as the Vendetti sisters are available for interviews now! Let’s have some fun and get ready to Rock it like a Redhead!

The official website for Rock It Like A Redhead may be found at http://www.rockitlikearedhead.com

The official website for How To Be A Redhead may be found at http://www.howtobearedhead.com

The official website for Shayne Leighton may be found at http://www.shayneleighton.com

The official website for The Spectra Music Group may be found at http://www.spectramusicgroup.com

For interviews or more information contact info@spectramusicgroup.com

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