Sunday, April 19, 2015

We The Ghost Releases Their Spectra Music Group Debut Single "Let Me Know" on Tuesday, April 28th

Tulsa, Oklahoma band We The Ghost are releasing their debut single "Let Me Know" through the Spectra Music Group on Tuesday April 28th, 2015. 

We The Ghost is a pop band on the rise. Only two years old, the project has already grown by leaps and bounds, garnering more and more acclaim along the way. One trait that characterizes the band, making them both unique and modern, is their interest in genre fusion. By incorporating sounds, styles and instrumentation from across the musical spectrum, We The Ghost craft memorable pop songs that stand apart from the crowd.

Songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and synthesizer player Beau Tyler rejects the mindset of “real music” being strictly defined by one particular genre, and embraces the “very eclectic time for music” in which we live. 2015 STATS - 1st ever international album to be released via Spectra Records - Selected to headline the T-Town Throwdown for 20K+ People - Selected to headline the Axis Stage at Rocklahoma - Song "High Heels" to be released in a major documentary from James Franco - Currently #1 locally, #1 nationally, & #1 Globally on Reverb Nation chart for Alternative genre - 177K+ total followers on all social networks - 41K+ followers on Facebook - 135K+ followers on Twitter - 4K+ followers on Instagram - Released a free download rendition of Ryan Adam's "Come Pick Me Up" to 2,000+ fan club members - Currently nominated for "Best Band" in Tulsa Voice Magazine.

The single "Let Me Know" is highly anticipated by fans and radio programmers worldwide, and We The Ghost will not disappoint.

"Let Me Know" is a genre fused, catchy, pop/rock track with something for everyone to enjoy. "Let Me Know" is available for pre-order today, so order your copy here:

Let Me Know - Single - We The Ghost

Listen and Watch the acoustic version of We The Ghost's new single "Let Me Know" here:

Request "Let Me Know" by We The Ghost at your favorite radio station today.

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