Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We The Ghost "A Stereophonic Listening Experience" Releasing July 22nd, Now Available For Pre-Order

Topping the Billboard charts three times in 2015, Spectra Music Group recording artists We The Ghost are releasing their debut album "A Stereophonic Listening Experience" on July 22nd, 2016. The phenomenal new album includes their first hit single "Let Me Know" that reached #4 on the Billboard Hot Singles chart in 2015.

We The Ghost is a pop band on the rise. Only two years old, the project has already grown by leaps and bounds, garnering more and more acclaim along the way. One trait that characterizes the band, making them both unique and modern, is their interest in genre fusion.

By incorporating sounds, styles and instrumentation from across the musical spectrum, We The Ghost craft memorable pop songs that stand apart from the crowd. Songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and synthesizer player Beau Tyler rejects the mindset of "real music" being strictly defined by one particular genre, and embraces the "very eclectic time for music" in which we live.

"So much has been done," he says, "that fusion seems to be the obvious approach. Maybe not reinventing the wheel, maybe not introducing a new sound, but taking what it is you love in music and creating your own thing, being original within that."

We The Ghost received such incredible support for their Spectra Music Group debut single, "Let Me Know", which hit the Billboard Hot Singles Chart three times in 2015, that there is an overwhelming buzz in the music industry for the groups new album "A Stereophonic Listening Experience".

"A Stereophonic Listening Experience" is now available for pre-order worldwide, and can be purchased on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stereophonic-listening-...

Request their hit single "Let Me Know" on your favorite radio station today.

Check out the music video for We The Ghost hit single "Let Me Know" here:

Look for the new album "A Stereophonic Listening Experience" worldwide on July 22nd, 2016.

The official site for The Spectra Music Group may be found at www.spectramusicgroup.com

For interviews or more information contact info@spectramusicgroup.com

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