Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Agony In The Garden Releases Spectra Music Group Debut Single "Falling In Reverse" On March 10, 2017

Agony In The Garden is releasing their Spectra Music Group debut single "Falling In Reverse" on Friday March 10th, 2017.

Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today! Agony In The Garden began in April of 2013 as a one man band with singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist Mack Perry writing and recording all of Agony's music. Releasing a debut four song EP Where Olympus Dwells in May 2015. In Feb 2016 Mack and Clint Lowery of Grammy nominated Sevendust co-wrote 3 tracks.

Adding drummer Bobby Milton and second guitarist Michael Greer in July, in September the band released the single Obsolete, "a sonically hard-hitting metal rock tune that dazes the senses" from the album Second Light. The band is set to begin touring in 2017.

Agony's music style fuses rock, metal and blues incorporating poly-rhythmic guitar with "poetic song lyrics, compelling and socially relevant." Agony's sound and techniques are high lit not only in the music but also demonstrated in videos featured by guitar sponsor WT. Foster Guitars. "Perry's intricate rhythms and medieval feel remind me of Alter Bridge. The almost psychedelic, brilliant guitar calls to mind Dream Theater's best music." Within two years of Agony In The Garden entering the music scene Mack received sponsorship from Band-Brand, Cape Whoopies, Rest Assured Apparel and WT. Foster Guitars. Agony's title track from EP Where Olympus Dwells has been included in the soundtrack for the film Precision. The second track from Where Olympus Dwells; Let It Burn is currently being featured during various CBS Sports events as well as being featured during The Super Bowl Live in 2016.

Agony In The Garden's new single "Falling In Reverse" is now available for pre-order on digital download sites worldwide. Pre-Order "Falling In Reverse" on itunes here:

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  2. Music comes & goes and then there is music that always stays with you. That is AITG. Inspired. Thank you.