Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Slightly Left Of Centre Releases New Single "Euphoria" On Friday May 12th, 2017

Australian Pop/Rockers Slightly Left Of Centre are releasing their Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records debut single "Euphoria" on Friday May 12th, 2017. Now available for pre-order worldwide, reserve your copy today!

Hot off the back of selling in excess of 80,000 units, 500,000 streams and generating over 100,000 downloads, Australian talent 'Slightly Left of Centre' return to the world stage with their strongest, most original and diverse material to date.

Taken from the bands upcoming second album and world class writing ability, the single release "Euphoria" is a testament to the bands tongue-in-cheek mentality, with soaring hooks and a vibe reminiscent of Maroon 5 meeting Daft Punk... it will keep you coming back for more.

"Euphoria is a song that promotes being on a natural high, being happy to be alive, and to live life without regrets" - Adam Spicer.

Euphoria, currently in the mixing stages has undergone a lot of work independently having previous successors with 5th Release 'Love the Way You Move' which generated millions of downloads and views for the band over the past few years. One of the bands strengths is their ability to control all aspects of the production, whether recording, mixing, editing, filming or mastering both video and audio, utilising 20 years of production experience between them. SLC has had their share of local and international success, however they have notched up the level entirely with a brand new sound ready for the world to hear. With the experience, determination and ability to write the catchiest, danciest, funkiest, poppiest, most commercial tracks you will hear from this side of the globe, the bands driving force is absolutely unconditional, and unstoppable!!

Having one of the most invigorating, unique, captivating and entertaining stage presences a live band has to offer, as well as working with some amazing session musicians, SLC has proven their live shows are something that everyone will remember. Slightly Left Of Centre's new single "Euphoria" is now available for pre-order on digital download sites worldwide.

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