Friday, April 18, 2014

Wow! That's Music

A new compilation is hitting stores on April 29, 2014. Spectra Music Group releases the first volume in a series of music compilations called "Wow! That's Music." The album features some of the hottest tracks hitting the airwaves today. All digital download stores will also be serviced with this compilation. You can also pre-order your copy at iTunes, Amazon and more.

Got a favorite song on the compilation disc? Contact your local radio station and request it today. For more information about future volumes in this series, please check back often for more updates.

Track Listing for Volume 1:

1. Adina Howard - Switch
2. Orlando Napier - Poitnless
3. Allan Rose - Alien
4. Sebastian Portillo - When In Love You Learn To Hate
5. Hold Fire - Emma Louise
6. Stephanie Todd - Battle
7. International Nova - Photogenic
8. Tidez - Tonight
9. Jefferson - You Are The Love
10. Skittish - Running Lights

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