Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Single "Green Light" by R&B Superstars H-Town Now Available For Pre-Order on iTunes

H-Town, the biggest independent R&B Group in the world, is releasing their highly anticipated first single "Green Light" off their upcoming album "Child Support" and it is now available for pre-order on iTunes with a worldwide release on September 9th, 2014 through The Spectra Music Group.

In 1992 the evolution of Rhythm and Blues was altered significantly for the world of music connoisseurs’ and millions of fans. H-Town, The Legendary Icons of R&B proudly debuted a sound synonymous with universal acclaim, skillfully rocketed several hit singles to chart topping success, humbly acquired the longevity of mass audience appeal and righteously maintained a powerful presence on the spectra of performance entertainment and have been firmly grounded in the spotlight for nearly two decades.

With talent and precise orchestration, H-Town has mastered the minds of music’s adoring fans over and over again with their signature sound.

Real R&B is back with H-Town and the experience is felt with each and every performance as H-Town consistently fills arenas, concert venues, stadiums, nightclubs and otherwise sold out shows. Scores of eager screaming fans continue to show support mimicking each and every lyric and harmonizing each and every hook. The H-Town fan base is a movement that follows the melody of the members.

Spearheading the efforts of fine music, H-Town’s single Knockin Da Boots is as popular today and maintains as a staple in music’s repertoire. This song was featured on the debut album Fever for Da Flavor. Hit after hit produced Emotions, Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Natural Women, They Like It Slow and more. Overseas fans have popularized songs such as Julie Rain, of which happens to be a sobering account of spousal abuse.

To date and undeniably indisputable, H-Town is the biggest independent R&B group in the world. With sales of over 13 million albums sold worldwide, music accepted and loved in virtually every country and language, H-Town is BACK!!! Their new album "Child Support" will be released by The Spectra Music Group with a new single "Green Light" available for pre-order now, with a worldwide release September 9th, 2014.

"Green Light" was written by Shazam Conner, co-written by Richard Andrew and produced by Albie Dickson.

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Legends are Timeless – H-Town is Legendary.

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